Understanding the Process of Migrating to Canada Through The Express Entry Program

Canada is known as a nation full of opportunities, and hence visiting the country is a dream come true for many foreign nationals throughout the world. It offers top-notch education facilities, healthcare, and great business opportunities to all its immigrants. It accepts more than 300,000 immigrants per year via various immigration options. If you are looking for quick and hassle-free migration, then The Canada express entry is the one you can count on. Under this option, the processing of the PR-visa application takes only six months at the maximum.

How Does the Option Work in Canada?

The person registering under the option is first required to create an express entry account for himself.

  • Here, the person needs to maintain the essential professional skills, educational qualifications, language, etc., for the registration.
  • To become qualified for the option, the person should satisfy the conditions mentioned in any three of the federal economic immigration options.
  • After you submit the profile, you will get a score that decides the place in the pool by considering all your skills.
  • Frequently update the profile to reflect the changes to get a chance to be chosen.

If you come among the top ranks in the profiles, you will get an invitation for further application.

  • Register online for the visa within 90 days if you get an invitation. You may get provincial or territorial nominations as per the profile according to the needs which your profile satisfies.

Requirements to Register for PR in Canada Through Express Entry Option

The person should have the following requirements mentioned below to become eligible to apply through the option of express entry.

  • The prospect must have permanent or equivalent part-time working experience in any skills mentioned in the lists accepted for the PR in Canada.
  • The candidate should achieve a minimum language score required as per the Language Benchmark provided by Canada in either French or English.
  • The candidate must have completed education equal to the education criteria in Canada.
  • He must be under 30 years of age.
  • The applicant should hold not less than two Batchelor degrees or a master’s degree.
  • Benefits of Attaining a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa
  • Canada is a country that offers top-notch living standards to all its immigrants.
  • After becoming a Canadian PR, the prospect can get free access to medical, health and social care.
  • The applicant’s children who are not more than 18 years can study in public schools with equal rights as the residents.
  • It offers the person to travel, work and live inside the country.
  • The country offers its immigrants a good working environment and the opportunity to grow and prosper professionally.

You can change the visitor visa into a PR visa by following all the requirements mentioned above. To learn more about the visitor visa Canada, give us a call today. We are experienced and authorized consultants who are available 24 hours to solve all your problems regarding Canadian immigration.

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